D & M Dobson & Co

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Business profile ID 2479551, updated 04/05/2018

D & M Dobson & Co in Gorebridge Other Companies

Address: Hunter Square
Town: Gorebridge
County: Midlothian
Postcode: EH23 4BZ
Region: Scotland
SIC: 5143
SIC description: Ice Cream Confry Mchts
Premise Type: Other Companies
Working hours:
Internal ID: 2479551
Last updated: Friday, 4th of May, 2018
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Status: Active


D & M Dobson & Co belongs to Ice Cream Confry Mchts subcategory of Other Companies (SIC code is 5143). Location post code is EH23 4BZ. Opening hours are 10 AM to 6 PM. Current data records show that the unit has a staff of about people. You can contact them by phone at +44 .

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2018-05-04 18:48:52
Is this the same dobsons that used to have an ice cream van that served tranent? Good few years back now

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This company is located in Hunter Square, Gorebridge, Midlothian United Kingdom. Postal code is EH23 4BZ. Street view is not available yet.

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